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The FIRST mobility service specialized in LOW VISION

Photo de Joe Nemargut


Joe Nemargut COMS, PhD

As a certified orientation and mobility (O&M) specialist, I aim to improve the quality of life and social participation of clients by assuring that they travel safely in their chosen environment. Since graduating as an O&M at the University of Montreal in 2015, and thanks to my doctoral and postdoctoral studies in retinal physiology, I have been able to apply my knowledge to train future O&M professionals at the University of Montreal. Over the years, I have developed and integrated novel approaches to train individuals with low vision. I have experience working with clients of all age groups, as well as those with multiple physical and sensory impairments.


Mobility services for the visually-impaired


Health care professionals

Providing specialized care to better serve patients with visual problems

Low vision clients

Individualized mobility instruction where and when you want it


Learn how to help your loved ones with vision loss

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