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Specialized visual rehabilitation for patients

Many patients experience visual problems due to medical emergencies, such as strokes, traumatic brain injuries, cancer, and heart conditions. Now these patients can receive specialized care for their visual condition before they leave the medical establishment. A certified orientation and mobility specialist will assess the patient's functional vision and provide the appropriate care to facilitate independent navigation in the medical establishment while ensuring their safety.

Services offered

  • Familiarize the patient to their room and placement of objects to allow for safe travel

  • Teach independent travel to areas around the medical establishment (bathroom, waiting area, cafeteria, etc.)

  • Test functional vision

Photo of woman and doctor

Medical visits

If you are a medical professional and would like to ensure the safety of your patient with vision problems please contact us. Please fill out the pre-assessment form, then book an appointment

$100 / hour

Skype Consultations

If you are not in the greater Montreal area, but are located in Quebec, and would like advice on how to treat your visually-impaired patient, we can offer our help.

$100 / hour


We accept payment by check, cash or credit card. Travel on the island of Montreal is included. A $ 1/km charge is applied charged outside Montreal. For travel of 100+ km from Montreal, travel expenses apply.

For more information about patient services or to book, please contact

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