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Tips and precautions to avoid the infection and spread of COVID-19

Services during the pandemic

We are open to new clients, but with some minor adjustments to assure the health and safety of everyone. All appropriate hygiene measures will be followed including: hand washing, wearing of masks at all times during the sessions, and physical distancing (when possible). Virtual sessions may be provided when the safety of the client is not at issue.

General tips regarding appropriate measures for the visually-impaired

  • Wear masks at all times outside of the home

  • Keep small bottles of hand sanitizer with you at all times while traveling

  • Disinfect hands after touching high-contact surfaces (elevator buttons, APS crosswalk buttons, door handles, etc.)

  • Clean glasses, low vision devices, cell phone, and mobility aides with disinfectant wipes (70% alcohol)

  • Wash hands immediately upon arriving inside a building and when exiting

  • Minimize physical contact with passersby (verbal assistance encouraged over physical assistance when possible)

  • If physically-guided, the guide should wear a mask at all times

Video tutorials

Mask tutorial for the visually-impaired

Video regarding the use of both surgical-type and washable masks. Several tips to help the visually-impaired use their masks correctly.

Preparing your COVID travel kit

Tips for the visually-impaired on what to bring when traveling outdoors during the pandemic in order to limit the risk of infection from COVID-19 

More coming soon

Helpful links

Tips on social distancing for the visually-impaired

Information on COVID-19 by the Canadian Ministry of Health

CNIB services offered during the pandemic

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