Videos related to the field of low vision and mobility

Presenting POV Solutions

Presenting the services for POV Solutions - Low Vision services on an episode of "Ça me regarde" on AMI télé. This summarizes the services that our company provides to the visually-impaired.

Training the new orientation and mobility specialists

Orientation and mobility students learn to teach people with visual impairments to cross the streets of Montreal safely with the simulation glasses. And all this under the heavy rain! (French only)

Living with low vision

Testimonial videos from individuals living with low vision giving insight into their challenges and the assistance provided from vision rehabilitation in order to improve their quality of life.

Improving functional vision with rehabilitation

For white cane week, the APHVBSL gives insight into vision rehabilitation and some of the common visual problems experienced by those with low vision (French only)

Sofia at cégep du Vieux Montréal

This video demonstrates how a visually-impaired student adjusts to life after high school. (French only)

Blindness is a spectrum

Description of low vision for kids, given by a visually-impaired person.

Blind people answer commonly Googles questions about being blind

Two visually-impaired people respond to questions about being blind. Do you already know some of the answers?