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Providing mobility assistance to your loved ones

We know that it is difficult providing security for your loved ones, especially when they have a visual impairment. Our professional training will assist you in providing the best care based on their functional mobility and vision.

Services offered

  • Learn how to guide your loved one safely and effectively

  • Better understand their visual condition

  • Adapt your home to their visual condition to reduce the risk for falls and injuries

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Home visits

We can come directly to your home and teach you the necessary strategies. If you are calling on behalf of a loved one, please fill out the pre-assessment form with their consent, then book an appointment.

$89 / 1 hour
$149 / 2 hours

Home adaptations

We can come to your home and write up a report to determine what changes will permit your loved one to travel more safely at home.

 $80 / hour


We accept payment by check, cash or credit card. Travel on the island of Montreal is included. A $ 1/km charge is applied charged outside Montreal. For travel of 100+ km from Montreal, travel expenses apply. All cancellations 24 hours before the scheduled date will be charged.

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